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Tapsy Tours for families with kids is a brand founded in 2014 from Paola De Paolis and Michel Mast, 2 professionals from Tourism and digital design feld. They strongly believe in and work hard on one thing: customers’ needs. It’s with this focus that Tapsy Tours was created.

When was Tapsy born?

What do classic tours forget about? Children. Sometimes they get bored or don’t really understand historical facts, because information is not tailored to them, but to adults.

The secret is having fun: the more they play, the better they learn.

Paola de Paolis, in 2014 realized there weren’t any tours that could satisfy both children and adults’ needs. Thus ’Tapsy Tours for families with kids’ was born! A new, exciting way to discover Europe with your kids. Through games and child-oriented historical references, provided by experienced and child-friendly staff, Tapsy makes traveling in Europe an engaging experience for the whole family.

Who is Tapsy, then?

A curious and funny travelling mole- that’s who Tapsy is!
The perfect travel mate for children who want to explore the world and have fun. Family travels will become a discovery experience, relaxing for parents and exciting for children. We bring you to all the best places to visit with kids.

Over the years, Tapsy became so inspiring for families with kids, that another brand was born, The Mole Hill, to create Tapsylicious editorial and digital products.

New projects are on the way, follow Tapsy’s traces and discover them all!


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